Before Chad and I met, Rachel and Tracey  were complete opposites and worst enemies, much like oil and water.  They each chased after Chad for their own selfish reasons. Rachel, a  successful ER surgeon and Princeton graduate, was in search of a father  for her future genetically-perfect child and an income bracket  comparable to her own. Tracey was chronically unemployed and sought out  financial stability and a white-picket-fence lifestyle she’d never have  to earn herself.

When I came into the picture, that all changed. At least temporarily,  Chad’s two exes were able to set aside their differences and unite  against a common enemy.

That enemy? Any woman who stood between them and their delusions of a potential future with Chad. And in this heart-wrenching tale, that woman is me, Evie. Making matters worse, neither of these women could understand why Chad  had chosen me. After all, he had a child with each of them but none with  me. But I knew why. I was the oddball who was actually in this  relationship for pure, raw love,  not for Chad’s money. That thought weighed me down like the stack of  impending legal documents I didn’t yet know were hidden behind Brooke’s  anxious behaviors.

Eyes cast down, Brooke’s chin occasionally quivered. I could tell she  was holding inside a dark, heavy secret—it was written in the crinkles  of her furrowed brow and the timid squeak in her voice when she could  actually mutter a word or two. There were huge blisters covering her  lips and dark circles under her eyes. When I tried to speak with her,  she refused to answer. In a trancelike state she took her backpack and  walked straight to her room. When I grabbed Chad’s arm and shared my suspicions with him from the privacy of our bedroom, neither of us could have imagined what was in store for us.


Truth is stranger than  fiction. Or in this case- more tragic. What began as a fairy tale for  one woman slowly dissolved into a nightmare as her dreams were torn  apart by lies and abuse. Now she is prepared to unveil the truth. This is her release story.  

Evie’s life was never easy.  She experienced financial turmoil from a young age and became  independent at sixteen. A few years later she would experience a  heart-breaking marriage that she would ultimately have to abandon. At  age 43, Evie meets the love of her life: Chad. Evie and Chad’s  relationship is perfect in every way, and a happy ending is finally on  Evie’s horizon.    

But two women are determined  to stop Evie and Chad’s happiness. Rachel and Tracey: the mothers of  Chad’s two children will stop at nothing to get Chad back and destroy  Evie in the process. They use lies, deceit, psychological tactics, and  even their own children to unravel the love and trust between Chad and  Evie.    

Not unlike epic tales of old, this is a story of love found and love lost. Of a tragedy that comes full circle.

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